Twilight DVD Midnight Release Party Experience

Hey Twilighters!

I hope everyone got the chance to attend one of the Twilight DVD release parties last night and had fun!  I was able to attend the release party at Borders located in Penn Plaza, New York City with my friends San, Sarah, and Jason.  We had an incredible time!  It was really exciting from the Twilight Live podcast featuring NoMoreMarbles, Kimbra Hickey (the model hands holding the apple on the Twilight cover), Craig & Tom from Evil Iguana, Pel & Kara from TwilightMOMS, and Twilight Lexicon to the un-dead makeover, fortune telling, scavenger hunt, giveaways, raffles, and trivia contests.  To top off the night, Edi Gathegi made a special appearance and he was kind enough to pre-sign all the special edition dvds for everyone who purchased the special edition of the DVD!!!!  How cool is that?!  Just really awesome 🙂  I will be posting some of the pictures and videos that I took from last night to the FAN STORIES section so stay tuned! 🙂

Just in case some of you Twilighters are wondering where some of the other stars have appeared last night, here’s a rundown:

Ashley Greene – Los Angeles, California

Catherine Hardwicke – Dallas, Texas

Edi Gathegi – New York City

Melissa Rosenberg – Los Angeles, California

Nikki Reed – Chicago

Peter Facinelli – Fort Lewis, Washington

Rachelle Lefevere – Salt Lake City, Utah

Be sure to tune in on Borders for their most updated videos from the midnight release party in NYC. 🙂


~ by Twilighters Central on March 22, 2009.

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  1. twilight!! ❤

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