Robert Pattinson Plays Cowboy In “Unbound Captives”

Hey Twilighters!

Robert Pattinson will be playing a cowboy in the screenplay “Unbound Captives” written by Madeline Stowe 🙂  Alongside him would be actor Hugh Jackman.  To read the complete article from CinemaBlend, click here.  (Thanks to Jason K. for sharing this info! :))

Weisz will star as a woman living on the Western frontier in 1859, whose husband is killed and two children kidnapped by a Comanche tribe. Variety’s plot description is unclear on whether Pattinson is playing her son or the son of Jackman’s character, who comes to the woman’s rescue. And why does she need rescuing when her children are the ones who have been kidnapped? No idea. Someone needs to track down this script and give us an idea of what to expect, and also how many swoon-worthy scenes there will be of Jackman riding a horse. You know, the important stuff.


~ by Twilighters Central on May 13, 2009.

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