Does the ‘New Moon’ Trailer Make You Want to Switch Teams?

Hey Twilighters!

Yahoo! Movie Talk has an article about the New Moon trailer.

Bella & Jacob

For “Twilight” fans who couldn’t catch “Bandslam” in theaters over the weekend, can’t understand a lick of French, or weren’t fast enough to sneak a peak at the leaked trailer (in English) before it was taken down, you’re in luck because Yahoo! Movies has the brand new “New Moon” trailer for your viewing pleasure — and don’t worry, it’s staying up indefinitely so you can play it over and over and over as many times as your heart desires.

Most of the trailer is made up of scenes we’ve seen before. Edward abandoning Bella in the woods was in the first official trailer that came out in June, Jacob teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle was shown at this year’s Comic-con, and the 14-second snippet of Jacob promising that he won’t ever hurt Bella was released early last week.

Even though the preview opens up with Edward and Bella sharing a passionate kiss (one that could definitely rival their bedroom kiss in “Twilight”) and we get quick glimpses of Dakota Fanning as Volturi vamp Jane, the shirtless Quileute wolf pack, Bella drowning, and Victoria flying overhead, the focus of the trailer remains on the budding relationship between Jacob and Bella.

Interspersed with scenes from the new movie is narration by Taylor Lautner. “‘New Moon’ is a lot more complicated than ‘Twilight’ was. Bella’s in such a deep depression when Edward leaves, and Jacob is the friend that will always be there for her,” he explains.

Lautner then goes on to describe what Jacob will look like in the movie. “Jacob has changed in many different ways,” he says. “His physicality. He’s a lot bigger. He’s thirty pounds bigger.” Believe us, months of hitting the gym and working out has totally paid off because Lautner is looking good, and I’ll bet money you can wash clothes off of his eight-pack abs. Wow!

The trailer closes with a Hulk-like warning from Jacob: “Don’t get me upset.” If making Jacob mad involves him taking off his shirt, well then I say bring on the angry!

After watching this trailer (only about a hundred times!), there’s no doubt in my mind that “New Moon” is poised to be Taylor Launter’s turn as the saga’s new leading man. But can the 17-year-old actually pull it off? And will it leave fans asking RPattz who?

~ by Twilighters Central on August 18, 2009.

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