“Breaking Dawn” Movie In 3D?

Hey Twilighters!

CinemaBlend has an article about the “Breaking Dawn” movie possibly in 3D.

Fully embracing the current “Why the hell not” mentality of needlessly adding a third dimension to your film, Summit Entertainment has set its sights on putting tousled hair and throbbing abs in your face in the final installment(s) of the TwilightSaga, according to THR.

And why wouldn’t they, really? It doesn’t matter what format they release the movie in, it’s still going to draw legions of whiny teeny boppers and Twilightmoms looking for an escape from their own boring ass lives. It only makes sense that they’d find a way to charge even more for the millions of tickets they’re guaranteed to sell. And with a built in audience as large as it is, Twihards may push the box office receipts of a 3D Breaking Dawn up into the top tier, among the likes of Avatar or The Dark Knight.

The decision to shoot in 3D, as well as split the film in two, must be made soon if they want to meet their production deadlines. However, everything must first be approved the Mormontastic author Stephenie Meyer, whose contract has her holding all the cards at all times. Again, why wouldn’t she go for it? One decision lets her story be better told (which should be most important), and both decisions put wads and wads more cash into her bank account. These choices seem like a win-win for everyone in this instance, except for people like me who oppose 3D even at the best of times.

Since both of these proposals will have Meyer swimming in even more cash in her Scrooge McDuck style vault, look for 3D two-part Breaking Dawn confirmation very, very soon. I’m interested to know what our Twilight fan readers have to say about this idea. So if you’re legitimately a fan of this series, in book or film form, sound off in the comments below.


~ by Twilighters Central on February 12, 2010.

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