Bronson Pelletier (Wolf Pack Jared) Beat Up In Bathroom

Hey Twilighters!

According to E!, a rep for Bronson Pelletier (he plays “Jared”, a member of the wolf pack) confirms that he got beat up by three guys in a bathroom during the after hours of a convention held in Birmingham, England.  Luckily, he is okay!

And we thought you Twi-hards played rough in our comment boards.

A Twilight fan convention in Birmingham, England, last week turned rowdy when a Breaking Dawn castmember got beaten up in a bathroom!

Who was it? And what went down?

Bronson Pelletier, who plays wolf-pack member Jared, was signing autographs and taking pictures at the afterhours convention when he was jumped by a gang of guys who just felt like beating up “somebody who was in Twilight.”

“Apparently, three drunk, late-20s males who were at a wedding at the same venue thought it would be funny to put my client in a neck lock and threaten him,” a rep for Bronson confirms to E!.

“To their surprise, Bronson, who has a ‘street’ background, elbowed and fought his way loose in true ‘Wolf Pack Spirit,'” continues Pelletier’s rep. “When he came back with some other ‘wolves’ to even the odds, these drunk assholes were long gone.”

We’re assured that Bronson is “fine” and was not hospitalized as other reports have stated.

Too bad these guys weren’t actual fans or this may or may not have settled our who is crazier debate, Twi-hards or Potterheads.

Caped wizards seem to play nice when they’re doing their Hogwarts thing. Maybe a few Avada Kedavra’s here or there, but that’s about it.

So what gives with Twilight causing such craziness?

~ by Twilighters Central on November 23, 2010.

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